Saturday, January 14, 2012

F3F flyable slope

Today we had 8-10 m/s wind from NE-ENE so my buddy Cédric and I tested a new slope section at a spot that I thought was only good for wide roaming slope soaring. In fact, this section somewhat remembers (with some imagination) the morphology of some shallow coastal edges in that there is a flattened out field in front of it. On this spot, slope soaring is generally not dynamic at all when the wind is below 12 m/s. I would even say that below 8 m/s, it is no fun to fly at all in treyvaux/Le Mont! But when one is flying only along this peculiar edge and F3F style, things look much better, speed can be managed and energy gained out of turns to a certain extend.
After today's session with my (repaired) Cyril F3F loaded with four wing slugs (thus around 2.7 kg), I can say this edge is F3F able and could be an accessible contest location for winter times (flying there is not allowed after Easter).

The edge section at Treyvaux / Le Mont

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