Sunday, November 13, 2011

Depressive Autumn

I think I rarely experienced such an autumnal season! Here in western Switzerland, the sky almost seems frozen still for so many weeks now. Not a single mildly strong depression from the west. Not a single mildly strong blow from the continental East. Nothing, nothing, and nothing...
Without depressions, I almost get depressive!
So not much to report except I am almost finished with repairing the Cyril wing half that had four holes in the leading edge since the German Open in Rügen at season begin. I still have some sanding and paint job to do, but it will be stronger than ever.
I could also spend some time experimenting with Arduino microcontrollers. For the first time, I linked an Arduino board to the Processing plateform on the PC, which is great for graphing data and stuff. I also discovered a nice DIY capacitive sensor technique with which I am developing an application for an archaeological exhibition to the preparation of which I participate professionally. It shall become a multimedia server in form of a huge 2 by 1 meter smartphone on which the public will be able to choose animated presentations and video sequences through a giant touchpad with 11 capacitive sensors 15 cm in diameter. For now, I have 4 sensors linked to the PC and it works flawlessly.
One day, I'll have to think about a capacitive sensor to replace the F3F base buttons. So even when it's damn cold, the judges will be able to buzz with their thick gloves ;-)

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