Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sim Sim Sim

After a few weekends with lots of driven kilometers for very little flown F3F rounds, I sat down for some simulation on CRRCsim tonight. I needed some runs to manage my flight paths (I do not use my regular Tx, but some chinese USB cheapo). After some nice 28s with the Ceres which flies really nicely after some trimming, I achieved a 26.1s on which I end this indoor training session. Set up conditions were 45 ft/s = 13.7 m/s.
Since some buddy French pilots told me they found my runs in Font d'Urle (French League) interesting to watch because of what they see as some peculiar flight path, I kept focus on the gliders paths in the simulator. I do not know very precisely yet what makes them really different from other pilots' paths, but maybe this sim session helped me getting some first hints. At least in my last sim "personal best" at 45 ft/s, my piloting seems to work with quite regular lap times.
But after this, I am of course eager to do some real F3F runs! Everybody will agree simulating ain't as good as the real stuff...

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