Monday, September 12, 2011

Asturias F3F International Open

Nice coastal F3F settings in Asturias, but Soren Krogh focuses on his freshly launched glider (picture Fernando Moro).
This past week-end, 33 pilots could fly five rounds to validate the Asturias F3F International Open 2011. Winner is Arturo Menendez (3783 pts = 1000 FAI pts) before Espen Torp (3769 = 996.18 FAI pts) and Alvaro Silgado (3768 = 996.04 FAI pts).
Espen, Arturo and Alvaro with theirs trophies (picture Fernando Moro).
Our buddy Swiss pilot Martin Kopp gathered 930.55 pts with the 17th rank! With this result, he takes the third rank in the preliminary Swiss National Team qualification (current state of qualifications is to be found here). Congratulation, Martin!
Martin Kopp in action or following the race (pictures: Club Planeador;
José Luiz Alvarez concentrated on his run (picture Fernando Moro).

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