Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Time vacation ends with F3F Swiss Record: part 1, Briançon

Long time no feed on PureAirCarving! Summertime with busy (F3F) weekends and vacation with limited internet connectivity are the causes.
Sylvain Pfefferkorn's FS3 in final
End of July, there was the F3F French League contest in Briançon. As announced a fews days before this event, I integrated French to my wireless timing system so it could be tested once more in live conditions in Briançon. But soon, during the very first run, I had to recognize the system again showed strong flaws with missing RF signals between CD module and base grips! The problem on the quite rocky terrain even seemed more pronounced than during the F3F Swiss Cup on the grassy slope. I am now certain the problem lies in the RF communication between the Xbees. The unreliability brought me to a point where I almost see no other rapid improvement than replacing the RF with wires. An alternative worth testing would be to have the CD module RF modem replaced by one with an extended antenna cable which could be placed on a central pole to avoid RF signal losses due to antennas near the ground.
Briefing for the wireless timing system which soon would be discarded because of RF unreliability near the ground
Well, this last quite deceptive test ended with a replacement of the system by the standard wired french system to go on with the F3F contest.
Gianfranco with his skyblue Alliaj HM
We were three Swiss pilots registered: Marco Cobianchi (Alliaj HM), Franco Cavalli (Alliaj HM) and myself (Target). With no conditions to fly on Saturday, we could only achieve 5 rounds on Sunday in quite light wind and some interruptions. I know at least the conditions didn't suit my flying style/skills and I was only able to achieve a 7th rank out of 16. Gianfranco finished 10th and Marco 13th with an unfortunate crash in the right base pole during his last run. Uncontested winner of the race was Matthieu Marvelet who masterly gathered 1000 points with his Cyril F3F. A pleasure to watch Matt fly as perfect as in the Caussols Eurotour a week before!
Offroad parking lot, glider parking lot. We'll get fat walking so little...
Of course we had again a very nice Saturday night gathering at the organizer's home in Briançon. On the menu: varied apéritif drinks followed by a very nice paella and a contest between different French and Swiss cheese. A headache gathered from sunny conditions on which I laid quite a few aperitive layers brought me to my tent in the garden quite early in the evening while others moved to the town center to take a look at an impressive wall climbing championship.
Paella time at the organizer's home (merci à la famille Hours, c'était géant!)
This was again a very nice trip to Briançon. The flying on the South slope was much more conservative  for the gear at landings than the rocky North edge we flew last year. But for my personal flying taste, I hope to get a chance flying the faster North slope again next year!

Picture credit: Pfefferkorn 2011 (thanks much for sharing!)

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