Thursday, July 14, 2011

Swiss F3F participations in F3F: a long history

In my preceding post, I wrote that the upcoming Eurotour contest in Cannes F could be the first time with four Swiss participating pilots. I did not think I could be so wrong!!!
Today, Rolf Girsberger transmitted me the LONG list of grouped Swiss participations in international F3F events (four or more Swiss pilots:
1978 Int. Contest Ranà/CZ: 5 pilots
1984 Int. Contest Ranà/CZ: 6 pilots
1989 Viking Race Hanstholm/DK: 5 pilots
1994 Viking Race Fife, Schottland/UK: 4 pilots
1996 Viking Race Hvollsvöllur, Island: 4 pilots
1998 Viking Race Bridgend, Wales/UK: 4 pilots
2000 Viking Race Lissabon/PT: 6 pilots

Stefan Knechtle at the Viking Race 2000 in Lissabon, Portugal, with his Shark. It was the first F3F race for Stefan.
I found this picture on Pierre Rondel's summary page of this contest.
 Thanks very much Rolf for this addendum. Maybe some of you readers still have some memories of those events in form of pilots names, pictures, result sheets, or flown gliders. I would be glad to collect such information to maintain our Swiss F3F Results database and try writing up some more detailed historical summary. Please feel free to transmit me what you've got at hand to kitnep>@<
In the meantime, we'll do our best to do some "living history" in South of France in the three coming days ;-)

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