Sunday, July 24, 2011

New F3B Speed World Record was flown with the TARGET

UPDATE: since there seems to be no official speed record register for F3B speed task, it is important to state here that there was a faster record run flown by Pasi Väisänen in 12.68 seconds on Radical in 2008!

As already posted on F3News and on Planet-Soaring, German F3B pilot Hans-Peter Gölz (team manager of Germany for the upcoming World Championship in China) has flown a blistering 12.73 seconds in the speed task at the F3B Contest Eurotour held in Winterthur, Switzerland, this week-end.
[EDIT: With this achievement, Hans-Peter holds the F3B speed world record previously held by Martin Webershock, from Germany too!!!] Gratulations Hans-Peter!
As expected, he flew his Target, the very efficient machine he contributed to design and which is manufactured by AirsportProducts in Germany.
I am so glad I could grab my second hand Target a few weeks ago! I am convinced in F3F too, this glider will do very well... as soon as I get some more proficiency as a pilot ;-)
Now let's wait if some video of this [EDIT: fastest fast] flight will show up.

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