Friday, July 1, 2011

My Target Competition ARTF

Tonight, I found some time to install the Jeti R8 receiver in my new machine and program a setup to test it in flight.
My AirsportProducts / Target is equiped with 6 x Futaba S3150 servos, 4 NiMh 2700 mAh cells, a nice switch and an R8 receiver. It is a full RDS build with a one piece V-tail screwed in place. The latter is probably the main disadvantage of this glider, especially for those who intend to travel to contests by plane! I'll have to find a way, for example building a rugged box for the V-tail.
The overall weight of this double carbon version is astonishingly light: 2101g fully equipped! Right wing is 666g, left one 673g, fuse is 646g and joiner 101g.
I am eager to give it some flight hours tomorrow and Sunday! for those interested, there are a couple of pictures in my web album here.