Monday, July 18, 2011

F3F Eurotour in Caussols near Cannes, 2011

I had a very nice time participating in this year's Eurotour in Caussols, South of France. The conditions were very variable, with lots of direction offsets and many thermal influences, so overall, it was very challenging for all 22 pilots from France, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.
Group photo (by P. Rondel)
Warm up by a concentrated Austrian team (headache is 24 hours ahead) (by P. Rondel)
In those three days, we flew many rounds on two different slopes.The local Matthieu Mervelet showed how well he mastered his home slope! Of course, he had quite good conditions compared to some other very good pilots, but his piloting skills were just perfectly adapted and he managed this competition real well.
All busy! With only 22 pilots, not much time to hang around between runs (by P. Rondel)
On Swiss side, the final result may look awful. But we consider we learned so much that it can well be considered an earned reward!
Gianfranco Cavalli, myself, Philip Hubert and Martin Kopp, representing the Swiss delegation (by Tomáš Winkler)
Philip launching Martin's Cyril (by Tomáš Winkler)
Gianfranco sending Philip's Alliaj HM airborne
Personally, I flew my new Target on all runs excepting one (the change was one of many mistakes I made this week-end, but was soon corrected!). This machine is a pleasure to fly. It has super lift, tracks well, has very good speed, and gains energy when turned right. Apart of too many cuts in too many rounds, I managed to win one run with a 42 seconds on first day and to be second best time with 44 seconds in another run on the third day. This is for me enough to know this machine is exactly what I was looking for. At one point before day 2, I wanted to change for the Cyril but first asked some experienced buddy pilot what he thought about the idea. His answer was very clear: "If you shift for your Cyril, let me fly your Target instead of my Vampyre!" I soon knew his answer helped me make the right choice ;-)
Balasting my Target befor my run (by P. Rondel)
Alexis Marechal awaiting my sign for the launch (by P. Rondel)
Winner Mathieu Mervelet ready to launch my beautiful new Target (by Tomáš Winkler)
The organization of the contest was excellent, even with a small, but so motivated staff! Thanks very much to the judges and the Cohen family for the perfect job done!
The judges without whom the contest would be worth nothing! Thanks much, guys (by P. Rondel)
Tomas Winkler has a very nice picture gallery here. Another super gallery by Pierre Rondel is here. I thank you both because I can steal pics to illustrate this post.
A first video shows some action by Austrian Josef Wiklicky (on FS4) on the second slope (by FlyingWings Hobbies).

And finally, the result sheet photographed by Tomas.
The result sheet (we're down there...) (by Tomáš Winkler)
For sure, we will be there next year! In the meantime I impatiently await my family holiday in 3 weeks. We'll stay for one week in Grasse unfar from those nice slopes of Caussols ;-)
  Tomáš Winkler's racing machine with some on-field "sponsored" repair and many locals sunbathing on the smooth surface (by Tomáš Winkler)
Robert Maréchal training with his father. F3F has future! (by P. Rondel)

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