Monday, July 11, 2011

F3F Eurotour 2011 in Cannes F (Caussols): Hop Swiss!

This coming weekend, there is the F3F Contest Eurotour taking place in Caussols near Cannes, South of France. Participation is rather limited this year, with only 22 registered pilots from five countries: France (12), Austria (4), Switzerland (4), Netherland (1), and the Czech Republik (1).
I think it will be the first time that four Swiss pilots participate together to an international F3F event. This is great, showing that the interest in the discipline evolves positively. The perspective of earning a place in the Swiss F3F national team for the the World Championship 2012 is of course motivating too!
Let's hope the wind conditions will be favorable too. The present forecast seems to indicate we may have a nice three-days event with a lot of flown rounds!

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