Saturday, June 11, 2011

When industry sponsors F3F

After a first F3F season in the French League and a first participation to the French Championship, our buddy pilot Stéphane Giraud needed to replace his old Sniper by a better performer. He talked to his club president who worked for INEO GDF SUEZ, a large IT firm with 14500 employees, who told him to prepare some project description and to submit it to the firm.
Stéphane did just that, preparing a file presenting himself, his goals, and the new F3F machine he needs to achieve them. A few weeks later he got a nice letter from INEO GDF SUEZ telling him they would sponsor his new glider!
Stéphane choose the Vampyre, designed and ordered it to the firm colors. Last weekend in Notre Dame de Vaulx, the conditions where not met to fly the French League contest, but we could have some free flight time. Stéphane maidened his brand new and shiny INEO GDF SUEZ Vampyre which looks and flies great.
Once in a while, Stéphane writes about the ongoings of his project on a dedicated blog page where we also become to see the machine on pictures shot from every angle.
Bravo Stéphane: you were able to make your dream come true! Keep going!

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