Sunday, June 26, 2011

Target arrived at destination!

As I said earlier, my next racing machine would eventually be an AirsportProduct / TARGET designed by Hans-Peter Gölz in Germany.
This is now reality. My Target left his previous owner in Belgium two weeks ago to travel to the French F3B Championship in Eastern France. Thanks you very much, Steeve, for the long lift! There, my buddy F3F pilot Renaud took it in charge for a few days. Thank you very much for your help, Renaud! And today, a friend of Renaud brought it down to Switzerland. Thank you too, Patrice, for conveying the beauty almost right to my house door!
For now, it's dark, so no way to take pictures of the nice machine which looks almost like out the molds. But I will add some soon. A short comparison with my Cyril F3F already shows quite big differences. It will be interesting to compare the Target in F3F action against the very slender Baudis/Fosa. Although they share about the same wingspan, I wonder how they will compare in lift and speed, especially in the turns. I am almost convinced the Target could have some advantages in light conditions at least.
Once more, thanks very much to all people who proposed help for conveying my great new machine from Belgium to Switzerland!

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