Monday, June 20, 2011

F3F Swiss Cup West 1 is over

On Sunday 19th of June, we were 14 pilots registered for the third F3F Swiss Cup contest in the season 2011. This time, the contest was held in Western Switzerland, on my home slope only 10km away! This was great for proximity, but on the other hand, I was the organizer and CD, and this was quite a pile of work to add to my participation as a pilot!

Well, overall I think participants spent a great day. Apart of the short rain/snow episode once we arrived on spot, the main cloud of this day was quite some reluctance showed by my new timing system to work well for more than a few runs. In fact, I am well aware that some of the failures stole at least a pair of very fast runs to some very good pilots, and as one can imagine, I feel sorry for this happening. At least now I know there's still some work to do on the system.
We flew seven rounds in WSW winds averaging 5.5m/s (min. 3m/s, gusts about 8-9m/s). Some pilots did extremely well and the fastest time were around 44 seconds.

The best-of ranking is a s follows (full ranking is on the dedicated web):
1. Philip Hubert, 1000
2. Stefan Bertschi, 990.24
3. Niklaus Huggler, 990.23

Since we did some mistake during result calculation, I was wrongly ranked on the 3rd place. In the evening I discovered the mistake, so now I am glad to send my undeserved 3rd price to Niklaus by post tomorrow morning!

Although I returned exhausted from this first local F3F event, I am glad we could spend this time together flying on this nice slope. I thank everybody who came to participate, help, or simply watch. For sure it all motivates me to organize the next F3F Swiss Cup and the forthcoming Swiss Championship in my region in September-October.
 A short summary in French is here, as well as two links to picture galleries.

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