Monday, May 2, 2011

Swiss F3F Results Database and Swiss F3F Ranking

On F3F-CH, I added a view of the F3F results obtained by Swiss pilots in international and national contests since 2010. It is not only storing each final points gathered in a contest, but also the flying times, points, and penalties of each flown round! This will be interesting to follow performance evolutions.
I think it is fairly complete, though I still lack the detailed result sheets for the Welsh Open 2010 and for La Muela 2010. If someone has them, whatever format, I would be thankful!
I added another table on the same page. It is the present ranking 2010-2011 of Swiss F3F pilots based on the current national F3F selection rules. It will update itself with new contest results added to the main database. And of course, I'll do my best to do less cuts to gain back the points separating me from Stefan ;-)
Let's see how those result tables evolve during the still fresh season 2011. My next important step in this matter is the upcoming Eurotour contest in Poland in 10 days from now. I just hope those three days there will much windier than Rana and Vienna... And during the same week-end, the first F3F Swiss Cup contest will be held in Southern Switzerland, in Ticino. Although for now there are only 10 registered pilots, I am sure it will also be a great local event.

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