Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sébastien Lanes first video !

French junior F3F pilot Sébastien Lanes (17 years old if I'm right) stitched some nice pictures and footage together for his first edited F3F video. It features some of the runs his father Philippe and him flew during the last F3F French League contest, the "Take-Off Ardèchois". This year, the pilots competed on on new spot which looks really very nice.
By the way, the young video author filmed his own runs with the head camera, giving a great immersive impression of F3F slope racing.
Finally, when you also learn that Sébastien won the overall AND his personal best AND the fastest run of the contest with a blistering 33 seconds flight, I'm convinced you will also forsee a great F3F career for Sébastien Lanes!
Good job, Séb, and keep rocking!

TOA 2011 F3F from LANES Sébastien on Vimeo.

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