Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Busy F3F Weekend Ahead

Following was mistakenly posted on F3F-CH! It belongs here, so I correct it even if it belongs now to the past.

This coming weeend, there will be the first F3F Swiss Cup of this first season 2011 taking place in Ronco, Ticino, Southern Switzerland. Though only about 12 pilots registered, I am sure this will be a nice contest. Let's just hope the wind conditions will be favorable!
Unfortunately, I'll not take part in Ronco. This is because tomorrow morning, I'll start for Poland to participate to the first F3F Eurotour event there, on the Baltic coast. At first, a 2 hours drive to the airport in Zurich. then I fly about 2 hours to the capital city Warshaw where I should land about 2 pm. From there, I'll rent a car to do the 6-7 hour drive to the Baltic Sea coast. I should arrive in Mechelinki, north of Gdansk, in the evening, just a little late for some pre-contest training flight. At this point, I'll be glad if I find the Guest House where I will stay.
On Friday morning, pilots briefing is scheduled early and so, we 40 pilots will start slope racing quite soon. Especially since de wind forecast looks pretty promising for most of the three contest days, although some rain could fall as well at some point.
Competitors list is quite international, with many pilots from Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany, and of course a well known fast Austrian trio! Though I'll be the only Swiss there, I am certain it will be great fun. discovering a new region, new people and slopes.
My two Cyrils will travel with me. Unfortunately, they are not in the best of shapes. The white-red one's wing still holds the scars of Rügen trees, while the other red-black-white one was fixed in the last days to repair the bad damage from the mischieved landing in La Muela.
The latter repair was quite a pain, since I had to reconstitute the main spar before being able to do the carbon sheeting. If I would have had 2 days more, I could take a quite finished wing on the trip. But since I lacked time to do all finish preparations, it will come as is, almost raw from the last epoxy curing that is taking place right now! So I'll take some sanding paper with me, I think, so I will be able to sand between contest rounds ;-)
Well, I'll try to keep you informed about the happening in Poland through some mobile news feeds here.
Cheers all and have a nice F3F or slope soaring weekend.

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