Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thermal Soaring Afternoon

This Saturday afternoon, we were a bunch of pilots spending great thermal soaring time at our local Saletta slope. In fact, it's long time we couldn't drive up to this slope so early in the season. Mostly, the snow is blocking us further down the valley until mid- or end of May.
I was especially glad we had two Cyril in the air. Both showed great thermal habits and of course we had fun diving vertically at full speed and resourcing like mad many many times!
Since I had no time fixing the three holes in my left wing during this week after the tree crash in Rügen, I decided to replace the tape by some nicer and smoother white sticking plastic sheet. Although the profile doesn't look very good, it did not show any bad influence in flight and no trim was necessary. I will leave it as is for the Eurotour in La Muela next week-end and fix the wing definitely after our return from our spanish vacation. In any case, in the meantime I'll get my second Cyril F3F in La Muela, so I'll have at least one machine with perfect wings.
This afternoon, we could also admire a nice brand new Swift accrobatic semi-scale glider built by Alex Mittaz. It was a pity the conditions were not good enough to see it maidened.

Apart of that, I flew my Ultegra when the lift got poorer. After some real good climb, I even brought it to flutter in a crasy vertical dive. Later, I lost control on approach because of a low battery! Fortunately, the final descent did not damage the lightweight machine...

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