Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rügen's "Windkanal" in light conditions

Rügen's "Windkanal". Photo: Allan Cohen

At "Windkanal", the slope for northern to northwestern winds, I was having hard times trying to keep some speed with my Pace F4H in most runs. I was even able to stall just after launch and see my glider plunge into the beach some 10 meters below the edge. Allan Cohen shot this terrible moment where we see that the launch by Alex Barnitzke was absolutely not at fault (thanks to both of you, guys).

After some walking to get down to the beach, I found my F4H nose stuck into the sand just 3 cm below a large stone! Although the shock was damped by the sand, my left wing needed some CA on the leading edge to be ready for the next round... On the other side, the trip to the beach did let me find a nice large and funny shaped flintstone about 2 kg heavy. I brought it back as a souvenir to my son who likes stones more than gliders.

On this very slope, Stefan Hölbfer, the new German F3F champion, demonstrated how precise he was able to fly (footage by Mr. Turbulator).

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