Friday, April 1, 2011

German Open + German Championship = International F3F!

Coming Tuesday evening, I'll pack my gear into my car's trunk and I'll start the loooong trip up to the Baltic Sea coast. Destination: Cape Arkona, northern Germany. Goals: F3F training on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday, then flying the German Open F3F Friday and Saturday, and the German Championship F3F 2011 on Sunday and Monday. Well, if everything's running ok, five and a half days F3F fun!
Although I found it sad this year's F3F event in northern Germany is not part of the Eurotour, I can't regret a second I've registered for it. Especially since the weather forecast announces some rough wind conditions! I know it's early for good predictions, but let's hope today forecast for the time in one week is really happening:
Wednesday: average 45 km/h WSW, gusts at 58 km/h
Thursday: average 43 km/h WSW, gusts at 68 km/h
Friday: average 50 km/h WNW, gusts at 86 km/h
Saturday: average 43 km/h WSW, gusts at bloody 97 km/h!
Wind forecast for Friday late afternoon: it's yellow in Rügen!
To be honnest, I can't imagine such situation in advance, especially since I do not know the slopes except through some video footage and some race reviews from previous events. But since I largely prefer strong conditions to light lift, I think I am very happy with such forecasts.
Well, before that, there is a 1300 km drive up North to achieve. But I am convinced the set goals are worthevry single kilometer.
The only unfortunate point is that my French friends are flying in from southern France and they unfortunately do not have enough luggage space to bring me the Baudis Cyril F3F spare machine I recently could buy second hand. So I'll have to take care of my Cyril F3F A-glider that more. And just in case, I take some Lesky Pace (VXH and F4H) if conditions really get too rough to risk the Cyril.
At least, I have a guarantee to get the second Cyril intact for the Eurotour in La Muela in Spain during our Eastern  family vacation!
Hey, I forgot to mention I'll lodge together with the French team. This will just be added fun for sure!
Cheers all

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  1. Reto, wish you and all the other guys a lot of fun an success!!!
    I am sure it is a challenging location.
    Years ago I had the chance to fly at "Rotes Kliff" on Isle Sylt.
    For me it was total different to fly on such a low slope and so close to the ocean as I am only used to fly at hills or mountains with enough air under the wings.
    That's the reason why I had planned to use my M60 for Rügen if it had become to strange for me ;-).

    Sadly I had to cancel my Rügen participation because of a long term snow caused injury in January (but hope to be recovered latest for Cannes in July)...