Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fast F3F in Northern Germany

Just back from northern Germany where was held the F3F German Open 2011 immediately followed by the German Championship 2011, I had no time yet to write something about my bad results. But what is very important to note, is how fast F3F was flown by the very best pilots of the time on this very technical low coastal baltic slopes!
Here a perfect demonstration by Austrian top strong condition pilot Lukas Gaubatz, flying the new record time (31,43 seconds) on "Turbulator" slope. It's just very very impressive!
I thought the first footage was by Martin Pirker but it seems not because on it we see Martin filming too! So I watched my movie again and it seems the credit of the first goes to Franz Demmler. The second alternate view from the base B side was shot by myself.

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