Monday, March 28, 2011

Ultegra Spring Soaring

Yesterday I decided to try out the road up to Auta Chia, my local slope located 10 km from home. In early Spring, one has to wait at least one more month to get there because of residual snow blocking the road in the shadowy passages. But since our winter was more than mild with little snow, I thought the snow already melted enough.
View on the Valsainte valley with the Moléson in the background.
Gros Chomiaux is the cottage in the center.
I was half right, half wrong. My Volvo got me almost to Gros Chomiaux, a cottage some 1.5-2 km from Auta Chia slope. There, a 70m patch of snow stopped me!
Auta Chia slope in the background
Auta Chia slope in the background
So I left the car were it was and walked up the slope next to the cottage. This slope is oriented about 30/105 degrees from the west/southwestern valley wind. At the time, wind was very light, maybe 1 m/s. Since I had my Ultegra DLG and the weather was not too cloudy, I spent an hour and a half soaring this nice glider. There were some scarce thermals, and in betweenm them, the lift was almost all the time sufficient to stay in the air.
After that, I returned home to discover my mobile phone was absent!!! I searched for it in every possible place until I had to conclude: it's up there on the slope!
So after a coffee break, it was time for my second trip to the slope, but this time without any glider and with a very clear goal... Later in the evening, it started to rain. But my mobile was safe again!
Morality: if you forget your wing joiner home, leave your expensive smartphone on the slope. So you will return to the slope for sure, and fly!

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  1. Only 10km to such a nice (sloper) place?!
    You lucky guy ;-)!