Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tanga F3B bits and pieces to sell

Last Sunday afternoon, I wrecked my Breta Tanga F3B in a tree... full speed backwind... The tree resisted quite well!
Rescuing Tanga from treetop
Feeling uncomfortable up there!
At the fourth rescuing, we managed to get it down from the 14m high location. Since it's a total wreckage, I now have some nice bits and pieces that could be usefull to some other Tanga F3B pilot:
Breta Tanga F3B accessories to sell
 - intact wing joiner
- carbon ballast tube
- 9 brass ballast slugs, 140 grams each (1260 grams total)
- 8 aluminum tube spacers
- one V-tail carbon joiner
- two V-tail aluminum foil/bubble sheet covers
- two aluminum foil/bubble sheet wing half covers
If one is interested, I give away all the broken parts:
- 2 V-tail surfaces, one almost intact (1 drop of CA)
- 2 brocken wing halves
- 1 broken fuse
Sorry, but the canopy disappeared in the crash!
Please contact me (kitnep at gmail com) if you're interested in any of those parts.
Cheers all.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Reto, when I read your email I thought you hit a "normal" tree.
    Now I see you have to do "extreme" climbing to rescue your Tanga.
    Sorry to read that you have a total loss as well.
    Last week was not our week ;-(...