Thursday, February 24, 2011

What if a F3F Contest Director wants to stand?

Until today, an F3F contest director had to sit in the middle of the run for hours and hours, near its timing system.
Soon, he will be standing wherever he needs to be, its timing system around his neck, taking the best vantage point to judge the race.
I am convinced he will welcome the brand new F3F Wireless Timing System!
Judges, pilots and public will be happy too. Soon to be presented:
- mobile wireless DC Timing System Device
- handy wireless Base A and B Triggers
- automatic wireless Wind Station (speed and direction)
- bright 10cm high wireless 3 x 7 segment Display Unit
- wireless Sound System (although there will certainly be one apparent cable for the battery...)
- FAI rules integration: preparation time, countdowns, reflight management, antidiving, wind deflection average, wind speed thresholds, contest interruptions for inappropriate wind conditions, etc.
- import/export of pilots list and result sheets through SDcard

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