Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Contest EuroTour in Poland

The F3F Contest Eurotour in Poland (Mechelinki near Gdansk) taking place in May 13-15th, 2011, will have its registration open tomorrow night January 5th, 2011, from 00:00 (Poland local time).
20 slots are reserved for Polish concurrents, 20 more for foreign participants. Waiting lists will of course be managed.
I think I'll listen to some Iron Maiden song tomorrow night, for example "Two minutes to midnight"...
And before we all rush like mad cows to register (!), let's all have a look at the nice organization and flying locations there. Poland has everything to become a great F3F country! Thumbs up and cheers all!

Mistrzostwa Polski F3F Mechelinki 2010 from pitplane on Vimeo.


  1. Hi Reto, Happy new Year !
    Did you sleep ? Are you registered ?


  2. Hi Richard. Happy new year to you. I got some sleep after registration! Cheers.