Thursday, December 9, 2010

News about a first F3F Swiss Cup in 2011

I prepared a new dedicated page for preliminary informations about a first F3F Swiss Cup for the 2011 season.
Check it out once in a while because it's still subject to many modifications and add-ons.
By the way, let's start a winter contest. Who is going to draft the perfect F3F SWISS CUP LOGO? This is a call to all talented (or not, who cares?) draftsmen out there. Send me your personal F3F SWISS CUP logo (to and I'll set up an online vote to choose the nicest one. Let's say we all have until Monday night, January 1st, 2011, to send our project in. Please export your high-resolution and/or vector graphics masterpiece to some managable JPG reduction at 300 dpi.
Leave a comment if you intend to participate and spread the word around you!!! Let that white cross on red underground fly into the run!
Cheers all

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