Sunday, December 5, 2010

First hour with my Ultegra

I'm just back from a local slope where I could maiden my "new" second hand Ultegra. Conditions where not good, with 3-4 m/s wind, gray skies, cold, 20 cm of snow on the ground. But apart of that, I had fun disk launching my light glider. In fact, I had to much throws on ruder and ailerons, and I did not yet program launch phase and landing flaps. But the wind helped a lot to slow down to almost complete halt in front of me just to grab the nose at shoulder level. Now the snow is falling again...
For sure, this DLG is just the perfect complementary tool I needed when conditions are not appropriate for flying F3F or when time is short to make the drive to the slope.
For now, I filled its belly with a 35 Mhz receiver, but I will certainly change that for a 2.4 GHZ one because the long 35 Mhz antenna won't withstand fast running launch rotations for very long! The last things to trim are the flying phases and setting the CG 2-3 mm back. Then, my Ultegra will be as fine as I felt after these first flights.

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