Friday, December 17, 2010

Euro F3F Tomorrow

After some energy spent at shouting in anger, after some first exchanges on RC-Network about some contest organization mishaps, after some thinking about what could be optimized or changed in the way European F3F competitions is structured and organized, I concluded in sending a call to the F3F community to take some time brainstorming these topics.
This call has already reached some, apparently. A positive discussion start has been written today by Mario Perner (AUT) on RC-Network (thank you Mario!). It's much too late for me right now to summarize his first post, but I'll do my best, in the coming days, to share its content with non-German speaking pilots by translating it roughly into English and French. I do not yet know where I'll do that, but most probably, it will be in a new thread on RCGroups.
So more to come soon about this.

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