Saturday, December 11, 2010

Angry Now !!!

As I just learned from French colleagues, this year's F3F German Open in Rügen, Germany, IS NOT LISTED in the official Contest Eurotour agenda that was published today!!! This would mean this German Open 2011 would not count for the F3F Eurotour ranking 2011.
If this is confirmed, then I say it is not acceptable at all. More than 50 pilots from all over the world have registered, paid their fees, booked hotel rooms and rented flats for a few nights, probably bought flight tickets and rented cars to participate to this major event. And suddenly this wouldn't be an Eurotour contest anymore?
The contest was and STILL IS listed on the official FAI contest calender.

So in my opinion, even if some F3F contests organizers in Germany can't accommodate themselves to one another, this is long not a reason enough to punish the whole international F3F community.
I already published my anger on RC-Network to see if some more information is out there somewhere. As for now, I do not know if I'll cancel my participation to this contest or not.
Cheers all

Addendum Dec 12th, 2011:
I received a personal answer from the contest organizer yesterday night. Though I'm grateful he gave me an explanation why it came to this situation that he regrets, I still consider many pilots thought registering for an Eurotour contest, and silence was kept about the non-integration of the German Open into the official Contest Eurotour calendar. Until now no official explanation was given, neither from the German Open organizer, nor from the Contest Eurotour organization. My personal feeling at this point is quite simple: this is not a way managing things, period.
Mapping question: unhappy or just curious online pilots as per Dec. 12th, 6 PM?


  1. Salut Reto
    je suis comme toi
    dégoût total !
    pour ma première participation FAI
    je voulais faire ce mythique "rugen" avant d'avoir mon enfant car après c'est plus difficile
    de savoir que se n'est que des palabres me casse les c....... !
    maintenant reste à voir comment ça se décante .

  2. Hope this will be clarified positively.
    Have same feel and uproar as you already wrote in your post.
    Planned all of my available vacations around the Eurotour to attend 3 races...
    Uncomely situation!