Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Souvenir of my last run at the Viking Race 2010

Maybe some remember my last (20th) round at the Viking Race 2010, St-Ferriol, South of France. In fact it was my 15th F3F competition run ever and probably one I will recall long time! There's a lot in this run.
First, I flew my Lesky Pace F3H with an almost full steel (yes steel!) wing joiner soldered shortly before the last few Viking Race rounds by an inhabitant of St. Ferriol village. After launch, I achieved a not too bad two pumps altitude gain, and could enter lap 1 with good speed. Then there is this first very bad climbing turn in which my machine climbed and climbed much too much! Back on track, there is a half cut (normally, at this time of my starting competition "career", I flew full cuts, not much half ones!). And then I got those few very good climbing turns with a lot of energy gain. That was a great feeling to see my F3H accelerating like mad, with its wings (or joiner, or both) folding enough to make people exhilarate in the background! Finally, I came out much too high in the 9th turn and so I had to push hard to dive into final.
I think people watching me fly that round, which by the way also became my personal best (43.56 s), had a lot of fun. And I was glad I did not touch any rock this time, so I went landing safely, happy with my last Viking Race 2010 flight.

Thanks to Claude Zaugg for shooting this video sequence.

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