Sunday, November 21, 2010

Some more F3J practice

Tanga touch and go?
Yesterday afternoon, five of us met again for some more F3J training (Richard, Markus, Jean, Cédric, and myself). This time it was in the region of Billens and organized by Richard (thanks!). Three winches were set up under a quite greyish sky and turning winds. Since there wasn't much lift to expect, we mainly concentrated on starts.
Jean with his Pike Superior
I had a quite hard time with my Tanga at first. I forgot to check my elevator trim before first launch... full forward trim is not a good starting point. Later I struggled to get the glider pulling on that thread with so little wind, so I increased camber. It went out higher, so I could at least fly a few minutes.
Struggling for a better setting
Jean, who joined us with his Pike Superior this time, forgot to retract flaps at one of his landings, and probably broke a servo arm. As to Cédric, he made good starts with his Cyril and his Dingo as well. He got better zoom speeds with his Dingo, but had the impression the Cyril was better at keeping altitude. Markus achieved nice launches and good flights, but sometimes prefers to land by touching ground with the wingtip first ;-)
Jean prepares to launch Markus... I mean his glider!
As to both Pikes, they went up straight, flew longer times, and landed smoothly. It was a better day for larger light ships than for F3B knives!
Richard's Pike Perfect fly-by
Cédric seems glad with his two new "toys"

We all left around 4:30 PM with some brandy chocolates offered by Richard (thanks much), and Cédric and I accepted a beer at Richard's place in Romont.
Although it maybe wasn't the best flying day ( at least for me), we had some good time in the field and for sure, we're going to repeat such practice sessions in the future.
The nice pictures shot by Richard are to be found here. I stole all the pictures from him!

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