Monday, November 15, 2010

One On One 60'' Final Between P. Platon and P. Lanes in Charleval

Last weekend, there was a 60" slope contest organized by Thierry Platon in Charleval, South of France. It was a one on one race with progressive elimination from 12 pilots, which looks as an attractive formula compared to the traditional 4 pilots runs.
The final run was raced between Philippe Lanes on a Scorpion and Pierre Platon on a Proto TP 74. Although there were some piloting mistakes and varied strategic choices, the last of 30 laps was so tight that both gliders finished about 40 cm apart at A base! The movie below, shot from base B, shows the 20 last laps of this final run.
In any case, there may be a revival of 60" races in the future and even the idea of competing in teams in a one on one formula could be explored.
It was also noted by Thierry that most commercial 60" gliders had not much of a chance compared to personal builts.

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