Saturday, November 20, 2010

In April 2011, Rügen, Germany, will be the international F3F hotspot

The preliminary list of 50 pilots participating to the international opens in Rügen, Germany (Kap Arkona), was published. There we have seven nations represented as follows:
- 27 German pilots
- 7 Austrian pilots
- 5 Polish pilots
- 4 French pilots
- 4 US pilots
- 2 Danish pilots
- 1 Swiss pilot
One more Swiss pilot was not fast enough at registration time (but is fast on the slopes!) and landed on the waiting list (hop Stefan! Don't leave me alone)
I am happy to have a slot for those contests. I am eager to see what I can achieve against all those top-class guys. Unfortunately, there's a long winter separating us from these events...

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  1. yeah baby, it's gonna be big BIG fun!!
    you will see hopefully the Turbulator!