Thursday, November 25, 2010

December Issue of RC Soaring Digest is published

The last issue of RC Soaring Digest features 60 pages of interesting articles about our preferred activity. I had only short time to go through, but there's at first the 5 pages article about action composite photos that got my attention. It explains in a very clear way how everyone with a tripod, a camera, and some picture processing software may shoot a few bursts of pictures and later assemble them to have very nice resulting action pics.
Action picture featuring Joe Wurts in a F3J precision landing (RCSD, Dec. 2010, p. 17)
At least our Polish friends are already used to the process and produced some nice F3F turns action photos. I am sure we will see more in the future, because it is so easy to do!
Pictures from PIT and F3F 3city TEAM.
Well, tonight I'll enjoy reading the other articles while the snow will cover my surrounding. I wish there would be an RC Soaring Digest issue every week to spend the winter...
Cheers all and good reading.

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