Friday, October 8, 2010

Wind forecast for Schalmigrat F3F on Sunday

As it seems, the F3F Swiss Championship will not be held on Saturday, but eventually postponed to Sunday or even next Saturday (16th).
The Windfinder superforecast model is very positive for Sunday afternoon at Metschstand (altitude 2090m), unfar from the Schalmigrat. SE winds should increase from 3m/s average (5m/s gusts) at 9AM to 4m/s (5-6 gusts) around noon. The afternoon is getting even better, but we'll probably have to wait until 5pm to get the strongest wind: 7m/s average and 9m/s gusts. Last rounds could be very exciting F3F at Hahnenmoos!
It's a pity if not all pilots can attend on Sunday, and some seem to have professional or private obligations. It is evident that for future events, organization should reserve both Saturday and Sunday to increase chances to exploit favorable conditions when they appear.
Personally, I am glad if we do it. Because once it's done a first time, organizing further F3F events and convincing pilots to participate and/or geve a hand will be easier.
By the way, our French mates are competing for the last round of the French League this weekend in Laurac, on one of this year's Viking Race slope. They should have strong conditions on Saturaday, but unfortunately bad wet weather sets in on Sunday. 35 pilots will attend and they will give night-F3F a chance on Saturday evening (they've installed leds and reflective tape on their machines!!!) I'll report on this as soon as I get infos and/or results.

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