Thursday, October 21, 2010

West wind conditions for three days!!!

Between 1 PM and now (11 PM), winds from the western sector increased from still to 17 knots (>5 Bft), announcing the conditions we shall have for the coming three days. The weather was clear all day, with residual valley mist that cleared rapidly. The sky should become cloudy during Friday and some rain should be expected in the evening and night from Friday to Saturday. Saturday morning could still be wet, but no rain is announced for the afternoon. Sunday is probably rainy again.
So there will be good flying weather tomorrow and Saturday. Time to get some gear ready, because I won't miss last chances flying our mid-altitude slopes!
By the way, I'm preparing some nice map pinpointing the slopes I fly in my region. It's not fully ready yet, but it will have some nice features and descriptions. Here an extract from it.

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