Saturday, October 2, 2010

Turning winds

This early morning, the moon is just clear enough to see the direction clouds are travelling. Over my head direction is west to south west at 6:30 and movement is quite fast. So it is easy to establish the program for this morning and I 'll fly local at Auta Chia.
Interestingly, the south foehn will not be very strong before monday but then it will be strong enough to reach my region. This is quite rare. The forecast for Monday is South to SSE 30 km/h average with >60 km/h gusts. Normally I'll have a chance getting some of this if I leave work somewhat earlier and rush to the right local slopes located between the Berra and Auta Chia. Even with the drive and 30min hike I still should have about 2 hours of great conditions before the sun will set.
The long term (low realibility) forecast for Thursday is a shift to NE wind ("bise"). As is popularly known the cold bise wind clears the sky up ans lasts an odd number of days: 1, 3, 5 or 7 days. Let's believe this is true and we get 5 days! Then the first Swiss F3F Championship at Hahnenmoos / Schalmigrat is going to be held on THE STEEP SIDE OF THE RIDGE where some fast times could be achieved!!!
By the way, I saw that Stefan Boehlen finally participates too. With his flying experience in F3B and traditional slope triangle races, he represents a great challenge for all pilots with some recent F3F experience! I'm quite curious to see how these two different know-hows will compare in the field. Hey, Swiss F3F pilots out there: it's time to wake up and productively use the meantime to go practicing some more!!!
I wish all a good and windy day with nice landings.

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