Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stefans are Swiss F3F champions

All three medals of this first Swiss F3F championship were won by Stefans!!!
Bronze was won by Stefan Bertschi on Baudis/Ceres. His F3F experience and his regularity in all 5 rounds assured him this nice ranking. Well done Stefan and congratulations!
Silver went to Stefan Böhlen on Breta/Tanga. As a super skilled F3B pilot, Stefan was very fast at understanding what F3F was about. This 2nd place was masterly mastered by a master! Bravo. Many pilots owe Stefan his firm and strong launches. Now, Stefan you may give a rest to your right arm...
And the winner of gold iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis......... Stefan Knechtle on... an older F3B machine I can't even remember the name! [Update: it was a Wobbegong.] He too brought his large national and international flying experience to Hahnenmoos/Schalmigrat and showed all present pilots what altitude gaining and precision turns in light lift was about. Good job done Stefan!
All three top pilots made out the best out of difficult to nastily light wind conditions. As often in F3F, the return for regularity was very high and time lost due to flying mistakes was most seldomly catched up. All other participants gave out their best to stay on course too. Here I would also especially congratulate all pilots for whom this was the first F3F experience. You've all done great and the competition was a pleasure to follow from alpha to omega! Everybody behaved very sportively, respected guidelines, and participated to make things run smooth. I was glad to be part of this first F3F experience in Switzerland and really really hope this event gives us ideas, will, and energy to bring Swiss F3F pilots to a good regional, national and international level.
The final ranking is here, detailed results will follow as soon as available:
1. Stefan Knechtle
2. Stefan Böhlen
3. Stefan Bertschi
4. Raphael Jeger
5. Roland Lüthi
6. Yves Staub
7. Paul Böhlen
8. Reto Blumer
9. Niklaus Huggler
10. Marco Grunder
11. Gianfranco Cavalli
12. Alfred Bühlmann
13. Martin Ulrich

14. Hugo Pauli
15. Christian Maldini
16. Alexandre Mittaz
17. Ruedi Schaub
18. Gregor Kistler
19. Andrea Ghezzi
Finally, my thanks go to the organization team which made this first championship possible even if this was their first such F3F experience! As said, everything ran smooth, the competition directors implemented a real flow in the rounds, so no time was lost and the event could be brought to a amply merited validation. Apart from the energy and time spent by the organizing team, a lot of motivation was necessary to transform what could just have been an F3F test event in a full fledged national competition. So Raphael, you've not only fully earned your 4th rank, you an your team also merit applause!
As to me, this day did not fully turn out as I would have expected it to be. But I was most glad to return home with my head full of memories sharing this time with all you people in this beautiful landscape. Bringing back my beloved machines intact was as always a happy plus. Finally, even if maidening my new Baudis/Cyril F3F this early morning, short before competition, was probably not the most clever tactical choice [!], I was delighted to see that with Cyril in my team, I may further learn, progress and maybe in a not too far future grab some good F3F results (hey, I didn't have to give a single trim clic!!!)
Photo: Kurt Eichenberger 2010

It was great time today! I wish all a nice week and I hope to see you at future F3F happenings in Switzerland. Thank you all and let the wind gods push us to the top!
Another great gallery by Kurt Eichenberger (thanks for the link, Kurt; I couldn't resist to steal a pic of my Cyril!).

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