Friday, October 29, 2010

Special F3J Training Opportunity Tomorrow Morning

As I wrote yesterday, Markus proposed to organize some winch starts for us F3J newbies. So we get at least a chance not to transform the coming Winter League contest in Bellechasse into a mess...
But he did even much more than that. He went out today looking for a suited field with fresh cut grass. He visited the farmland owner on his farm to ask for using his field. And he even called the F3J Swiss National Team trainer Ernesto Weber to see if he has time to come by! And now, we have a field AND Ernesto will come to coach us! Markus achieved all this in less than 24 hours.
So tomorrow morning we're appointed to meet near Düdingen FR ready to fly at 9 AM. All pilots registered for the Bellechasse F3J Winter League contest next weekend are welcome to participate to this unique training opportunity (coordinates 46°52'39.26"N, 7°13'8.53"E). I know schedule is tight, but maybe some of the guys aren't sleeping yet and read through some F3F blogs...
In any case, my Tanga is ready, Cédric worked on his Cyril for the last couple of evenings, Richard will come too with his winch and Pike Perfect, we'll have the best possible trainer, we've got a perfect training organizer, the weather is on our side too with no rain, mild temperatures, and little wind. Well, is this not a perfect setting for a F3J newbie training?


  1. Kann leider so kurzfristig nicht dabei sein... wir haben eh Föhn und da werde ich wohl ein paar Turns am Hang hinlegen... Viel Spass und macht die Flieger nicht kaputt!

  2. Danke Ernesto Danke den Piloten die Anwesend wahren, Ich glaube wir haben einiges mitgekriegt.
    Bellechasse wir kommen! Und Lernen noch mehr.