Monday, October 25, 2010

Sometimes, even when it's more, it's less...

Tonight, I've just the tuned picture above and the current wind forecast below to offer to this blog.
At this very moment as during all afternoon today, the northeastern wind is just extremely strong, with 70 km/h gusts! I took off around 15:15 to get my Cyril back home and rush to the local slope of La Roche/Pont-la-Ville in the plain (there's too much new snow above 1000 m). When I finally arrived on spot around 16:15, a mix of rain and snow was traveling horizontally. Conditions where quite extreme and it's only when I understood I had forgotten by ballast bag that I knew flying was not for today... I hesitated a while flying empty, but finally abandoned with sorrow.
I now know I missed one of the biggest northeastern wind we had this year. There would be a last chance getting some of it tomorrow morning, but I'm unsure I can get the needed time.
So for now, I sit here, listening to the gusts passing by through the night...

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