Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Mailing Group created: F3F_CH

As for the F3F community in France and probably elsewhere, the most useful media to keep all interested Swiss F3F pilots in touch with ongoing F3F activities is a mailing list. Forums are handy, blogs are beautiful, web sites are nice, but they all force us to access the web to get information.
On the other hand, a mailing group brings the latest information from any group member directly into your email inbox, nowadays even into your mobile phone. Immediate answering is made possible to all group members in one single message. This is much simpler than managing a large quantity of individual email addresses!
So here is the new mailing group F3F_CH
Any interested pilot may freely subscribe to the new mailing group, even if he(/she?) is not an active competition pilot. You may as well unsubscribe anytime by sending one single message to the group address.
I am convinced this mailing group will be a very practical tool as soon as we start organizing F3F contests in the coming year 2011. So do subscribe soon and keep in direct active touch with the F3F community of Switzerland.
The web link for the mailing group is:
Membership is open to anyone and we won't moderate message traffic.
As soon as you are member, you may send messages to all other group members with the following email address:
Mailing group language is left to the choice of members, though the main language may be German since most Swiss F3F pilots are from the German speaking part of the country. But remember not all members may read your language, so keep your posts intelligible and simple enough for anyone.
Ok, I think we know have some toolkit to get on with organizing some F3F events for the coming 2011 season! More about this soon on the new F3F_CH mailing list?
Cheers. Reto B.

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