Thursday, October 28, 2010

Let's try out some F3J

As I announced here some time ago, the Swiss F3J Winter League will start in 10 days from now. I never showed great interest for this discipline in the past. I especially disliked the final precision "landings", feeling them being "unnatural". But on the other hand there are so many RC flying styles that too have not much in common with scale aviation - let's say Dynamic Soaring or 3D acrobatics - that my argument can't resist to one fact. All those disciplines demonstrate extremely high levels of preparation, training, pilot skills, technical mastering, and sportivity. The same applies of course to F3J. And this is why I changed my mind and decided to use the opportunity of having a F3J contest in my region to... participate.
So now I have a slot in the contest. I also have a plane which should basically suit the task (Breta Tanga F3B with some fuse repair and equiped with a launch hook). What I completely lack is, well, experience and fine tuning my glider. And I never attached any glider to any winch...
My buddy slope pilot Cédric has got an almost new Cyril. He too will participate to the contest without having had a single winch launch before. So maybe I will be able to beat him?
But when we spoke about our common lack of experience, we decided we should at least find an occasion to test some winch starts. So I send a call on my club mailing list for some help. It did not go long before Markus answered he would take out his winch on coming Saturday morning to let us try out some starts! Thanks much Markus. We'll owe you much for our first rookie step into F3J!!!
What all this shows once more is that enthusiasm can break walls and open our eyes on brand new worlds. In any case I'm glad and thankful to get a chance being part of this. F3J rocks... though F3F speedrocks >;-)


  1. Reto, good decision, at least you will get some flying practice as long as slopes are closed.

  2. I'm Yours....Let's start and Fly !!