Saturday, October 30, 2010

Latest printed Viking Race Review

Briefing time. Andreas operates in red in the middle
I almost forgot to mention that the last issue of the German RC soaring magazine Aufwind contains a 4 pages review of the Viking Race 2010 held in southwestern France in May. The author is Andreas Fricke who also organized the event. The article is precise, pertinent, well written and colorfully illustrated. Every reader will get a glimpse of this wonderful international F3F event, which could in fact have been the last before the F3F World Championship that will be held in 2012.
My only complaint about the article is that on the group photo, I'm hidden behind another pilot ;-). But this is in full magnitude with my final ranking there, well buried below all other pilots. Fortunately, I did progressively fly better... but that was only after the last Viking Race!
By the way, did you know I'd never flown any F3F contest before I got a slot at the VR? Did you know that at the briefing, my number was pulled out of the hat to have the first launch of the contest in my group? Sure you can imagine how my guts and knees behaved when the organizers yelled "...60!". One of these days, I shall also tell you the story of the DIY steel wing joiner we fabricated during the Viking Race 2010...
Finally, do not forget to check out the English version of Aufwind magazine, it has many other great articles.

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