Friday, October 1, 2010

Hard decision 2: staying local

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I finally decided not to make the 600 km drive to Caussols this night and to be reasonable. There were many alternatives to fly on Saturday: Martin invites us all to do an F3F training in Central Switzerland (Schwytz) where there could be some south wind tomorrow. Or I could follow my buddy Chrima on the Moléson. Or I could drive to a nice pass near Brig as Etienne proposed.
Finally, I'll spend the afternoon with my family. But in the morning, I'll go to my local slope called Auta Chia 10 km from home. That's because I've seen the forecast for tomorrow morning: plain SW direction, 5-6 m/s average, and 8-11 m/s gusts. Those conditions will make our local slope perfect from 8AM to noon!
Here's a low quality footage I'd made there in 22nd of November last year with a FlycamOne 2 on my PCM Erwin 5.
Happy flying to you all.

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