Monday, October 18, 2010

General locations of the 2011 F3F Eurotour contests

Following competitions should be part of the 2011 F3F Contest Eurotour.

Open F3F Contest Eurotour 2011 on a larger map

New: Dates are set with the points. You may open a larger map to have the points listed chronologically.
[Obsolete: As soon as I get some time, I'll update the points with definitive contests dates.] Of course, some changes in the contest program can occur, so this is here without warranty and only for general information.


  1. Hi Reto,

    nice blog. By the way, La Muela is located near Alarilla, in Guadalajara (40.845437,-3.11089), almost 200 km SW from the map location :-)

  2. Thanks Osabide, I've corrected that one. Just notice the other are not pointing at the slopes, just to the general location.

  3. Yes, i already noticed that, but i think 200km is more than "general location". In any case, good map and good idea.