Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Full Review of Aeromod's Alliaj HM by the best F3F pilot

Aeromod Alliaj HM kit
Pierre Rondel wrote an excellent and well illustrated review of the F3F machine that won many international and French national competitions suring this past season 2010: the Alliaj HM by Aeromod.
For those who like the Alliaj HM but do not own one, it's a must reading.
For those who already have one, it's a must reading too since it's about their glider.
And for those who dislike it, it's also a must reading, because they'll want one!
F3F contest in  Fond'Urles, August 2010, picture by Pierre Ronde
But the most important reason for F3F pilots to go through this review is the fact that it's written by Pierre, and we all know how well Pierre has flown this and preceding seasons. He is French champion 2009, French vice-champion 2010, is unbeaten at the annual French League since 2005, and he got the Viking Race this year! Pierre is an example for many young or not so young F3F pilots including me. He knows how to prepare himself and his gear for competition and success, he manages contest stress very well, he has an ability to make out the best possible out of any kind of air he faces on the slope, and he has a flying regularity that surpasses many other very good F3F pilots. Above that, Pierre is always ready to share with other pilots, helping them to progress. He shows this once more with his review of the glider he considers to be the F3F machine of 2010.
Pierre Rondel at the Viking Race 2010, shot by Marcos Martínez,

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