Monday, October 11, 2010

End of F3F Season Souvenir

My first F3F season is over and some rather long and nasty winter time is pointing its nose through the yellow trees. Fortunately, I could gather an enormous heap of excellent memories during the contests I could participate to in 2010. Viking Race in Laurac and in St. Ferriol in May, French League contests in Notre-Dame-de-Vaulx and at Banne-d'Ordanche (cancelled) in June, Eurotour in Caussols and French League again in Briançon in July, in Font-d'Urles and in the Vosges in August, unfortunate Eurotour at the Wasserkuppe in Germany in September, and finally a first Swiss Championship at Hahnenmoos in October. What better season could a Swiss F3F rookie dream about? Moreover and most important, I received an exceptionally warm support from many many experienced F3F pilots during those six quite active months. They are in fact so numerous that I would be too afraid to forget anyone if I would try to thank them all individually!!! So well... THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH. You've made me fall in love with a new sport, with much impressive landscapes, and with an exceptional community of dedicated and skilled RC glider pilots. My discovery of F3F and all experiences gathered in 2010, nobody will ever be able to steal them from me, its embedded, its rooted, it got into my heart and soul! And if now I stand here at the end of my first F3F season, feeling the winter is going to be much too long, well, it's all because of YOU. So be prepared, buddies! All you've shared with me, all your expert support, all your welcoming words, and all the things I've learned watching you fly your runs from contest to contest, well all of this you'll get it back cash in form of F3F concurrence in the coming 2011 season ;-)
In the meantime though, I know I still have a lot of homework to accomplish before hoping to get even to the knees of the smallest/greatest pilot of this 2010 French F3F season... But I'll do my best to follow you step by step, Pierre!
Voilà. You were all pure gold and you've motivated me into this. I think a good way to close this post is to propose you all to take a deep breath together once more and (re-)watch the very very nice video footage my compatriot Christian Maldini shot at the magic site of Font-d'Urles, Vercors massif, this summer (don't forget to switch it fullscreen!). Let this be one of the memories that will make the upcoming winter feel much too long.
Cheers all.

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