Friday, October 15, 2010

Coming Sunday: last chance for a nice F3F training?

The wind forecasts for coming Sunday in the western Alps are marvelous. For the Moléson, it says we should have strong Northeast averaging 30 km/h with gusts between 50 and 70 km/h! These would be perfect conditions for some ballast flights and fast F3F training runs before the winter sets in.
Yes, with this NE conditions, temperatures will drastically fall: -5°C early morning, -2°C in the evening, and not much more than -3°C throughout the day.
So my proposal to all F3F or slope pilots wanting to spend a last perfect day is - if conditions are confirmed for Sunday - to meet at Saletta slope above Les Paccots during the morning and do some serious training there throughout the day. As soon as two guys have frozen thumbs, they land and warm them in their pockets at base A and B. To get warmer, they'll shout out our turns until we freeze, then we change place and they get airborne again.
I am convinced at days end, we'll all have made some good progress having nice F3F power conditions, and we will get back home exhausted, but filled with this extraordinary feeling of happiness!
And if our friends who have the F3F beepers and base targets read this and want to join, they are of course most welcome, but do not forget the gear!
Let's cut some air! Let the machines scream through the sky! Let Sunday be F3F time. And do not forget your stopwatches... and some warm coffee!
Picture by Pierre Rondel at this year's
French League at the Col du Glandon,
with the Mont Blanc as background

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