Thursday, October 7, 2010

Alexis at the edge of Font-d'Urles, Vercors, France

Last August, during the F3F French Cup round at the beautiful site of Font-d'Urles, Vercors, France, we had about 10m/s VERTICAL constant thermal wind against the 200m high cliff!
Most pilots were not ready to go near the edge to launch buddies machines, but four intrepid launchers did this part of the job for everybody.
Here we have a photographic launch sequence with Alexis Maréchal throwing my Tanga into the deep valley! Check out when the glider has its tail suddenly lifted: it's when the vertical thermal wind hits the plane. On my side, I didn't push the elevator stick!!! This gives any RC pilot a lifetime memory.
Enjoy and join us for this great competition next year!

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