Sunday, October 24, 2010

4000 pageviews reached!

In a little more than a months since Pure Air Carving is online, some 4000 pages have been loaded! As said earlier, please do not hesitate to leave some feedback if somethings pleases you, or if on the contrary somethings is not. If you want to have some thematic covered, you may as well ask, and if you have some information (flight report, pictures, a nice video) you'd like to see appear on this blog, you may as well contact me.
For now, it seems we have a lot of Swiss pilots visiting! Or are they only a few coming back very often? The site seems appealing for international readers as well, as we can judge from the pageview stats by country.
Finally, if you manage some F3x related web site and would like to have your link on Pure Air Carving, I would be glad to add it. Of course, you may link to this blog too!
Today is rainy in my place and snowy on my local slopes, so no nice flying as yesterday! I hope it's better where you are ;-)
Cheers all.

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