Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wind forecast update for Saturday

On, the wind forecast for coming Saturday's Swiss Championship is still indicating SW 35km/h at 2000m altitude. The southwind Fön should start only on Sunday.
WindFinder model predicts light breeze from South in the morning shifting West in the afternoon.
On WindGuru, we learn that the GFS model predicts light southerly conditions, the 9km WRF raster is not available yet for Saturday, and the 27km WRF model says there would be 4-5m/s before dawn.
Conclusion: we could have almost anything on Saturday, ranging from WNW through SW to SSE and between 2 and 10 m/s!
One is sure, we won't have a strong (and cold) NE "Bise" which would suit our Schalmigrat slope just perfectly.
It's a pity, but the F3F weather gods seem to prefer spending the upcoming weekend in the south of France, at Caussols near Nice. There, 26 buddies will compete for one of the last F3F event of this year's Coupe de France with some 15m/s wind... from the perfectly right direction!
What option are left for us poor Swiss F3F pilots? Suing weather gods in a court of FAI justice? Postpone our national championship event and cry on our transmitter?
Or drive the 600 or so km to join the lucky guys on the French Riviera?
No, I'm kidding... Or maybe I am not! Last weekend, we drove 600km to see the rain and fog of the Wasserkuppe. So why not taking a drive for sun, wind and guaranteed F3Fun!!! Since we all already booked Saturday, why not grab our gear and sleeping bag and explain our wife or/and girlfriend(s) that Sunday is off too... For sure our French friends would welcome to see a horde of Swiss pilots joining them at the parking lot around 10AM (yeah I wrote 10AM, meaning we could start as late as 3AM on Saturday morning!!!)
I know... I'm bad...
By the way, Caussols looks like this when there is some waiting for wind before an F3F Eurotour (twin pilots: Stefan Hoelbfer and Lukas Gaubatz, Austria, both on Freestyler 3):
Good night and see you soon at Hahnenmoos.


  1. Hallo Reto
    Es muss nicht bis zur Riviera sein.
    Wenn der Wind aus Süden = Föhn kommt, fliegen wir auf dem Gebidempass / Wallis . Dort kommt der Wind genau auf den Hang, und man kann Vollgas geben.
    Der Hang ist 38km Luftlinie vom Hahnenmoos weg. Siehe auch
    Gruss Etienne

  2. Salü Etienne. Danke für deinen Tip!!! Sieht wundervoll aus und komme sicher mal euch besuchen. Bin doch gerade am überlegen, ob ich nach Caussols fahre. Ich warte noch bis morgen früh ob der eine oder andere interessiert ist mitzufahren. Falls nicht mag es sein ich fahre am Sonntag zu euch, wenn der Föhn aufgewacht ist. Du kannst mir später auch kurz mitteilen, wie es am Samstag war.
    Gruss. Reto